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Looking for Chiropractor For Auto Accident Treatment? (Answered)

Looking for a Hot Springs chiropractor that treats auto accidents?
Been in a car accident, MVA, or MVC in Hot Springs, AR ?

Car accidents are too common these days with more people on the road in Arkansas and Hot Springs specifically. It’s also the time of year for fall sports which can feel like you were in a car wreck. When the neck is whipped from back to front during a car accident, while playing contact sports such as football, or occasionally from an assault or other physical trauma, a number of things can happen to the spine and surrounding soft tissue. Whiplash describes the initial impact, but the results can include:

•Disc bulges and herniation
•Subluxations (misalignment of the vertebrae in the spine),
•Injured bones in the spine,
•Irritated and damaged nerves
•Pulled ligaments and muscles in the neck

We can often help at Lake Hamilton Family and Sports Chiropractic. Give us a call or click the link below to see if we can help Hot Springs !

Are you struggling with neck, back, joint, and headache issues from a auto accident? Give our office a call and schedule an appointment.

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