Family & Sports Chiropractor

Dr. Kight's Experience

Dr. Tyler Kight is the chiropractor that opened Ashdown Chiropractic and Lake Hamilton Family | Sports Chiropractic with the intention of creating a practice that would help individuals and families from all walks of life. Dr. Kight's practice follows the philosophy that therapy is most successful when people are treated as whole human beings, not as individual parts, and his work is focused on finding and treating the root causes.


Dr. Kight is from Hot Springs, Arkansas and graduated from Lake Hamilton High school. He attended the world-renowned Parker University and graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree.


Dr. Kight’s clinical focuses are to care for patients - infant to elderly - including athletes and those who are pregnant. He focuses on caring for patients with arthritis, headaches, neck, back pain, certain neurological and/or balance deficits. Part of his experiences as a chiropractor were spent working in Central America, treating and working with future Olympic Athletes instilled a passion for working with athletes. He uses these experiences to work with athletes to increase biomechanical function, alleviate pain, treat sports specific injuries, and to help every patient to achieve overall well-being. In addition, Dr. Kight works with those who are pregnant to increase function and alleviate pain. From something as simple as lifting your child to achieving a new personal record, everyone can benefit from Dr. Kight's chiropractic services.

Personal Interests

Dr. Kight’s enjoys time with family, friends, and his wife. He also enjoys the vast outdoor opportunities Arkansas has to offer, such as hiking, canoeing, fishing, hunting and the occasional game of golf. Dr. Kight also loves spending time playing fetch with his dog Sampson. In addition, he enjoys being involved in the community. If you would like to contact him about an event, feel free to email.


"My goal is to always care and improve this community with up-to-date, modern healthcare treatment and volunteer work. Hot Springs will always be home." - Tyler Kight DC



Dr. Tyler Kight