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Sports Chiropractor

Dr. Kight is especially passionate about providing advanced chiropractic techniques to will help you heal from sport and exercise injuries. Sport and exercise injuries are very common and need to be dealt with right away to prevent further damage.

First, your chiropractor will take the time to examine you and determine the extent of your injuries. Then, they will help you stay healthy functional and pain free by adjusting, lengthening, strengthening, and mobilizing various muscles and joints across your body.

A few issues Dr. Kight can assist with include:
  Overuse injuries and stress fractures
  Muscle tears, tendon and ligament sprains
  Knee, ankle and foot injuries
  Shoulder injuries, tennis/golfer elbow, hand and wrist pain

If you're looking for a sports chiropractor, come visit Dr. Kight to get relief from your sports and exercise injuries today.

Sports chiropractic is a form of chiropractic services that focuses on maladjustments and injuries sustained by athletes and people with active lifestyles.

We treat a wide range of clients from athletes to people who simply enjoy working out. This includes local athletes, golfers, football players, soccer players, basketball players, baseball players, softball players, track athletes, cheerleaders, and more.

A variety of injuries can be treated including sprains, strains, rotator cuff syndrome, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, IT Band Syndrome, Osgood Schlatters and Chondromalacia Patella.

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