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Back pain in Hot Springs, AR ?

Back pain in Hot Springs, AR ? We have you covered !

Back pain eased With soft tissue Technique & Adjustment

If you are living with chronic back pain then chiropractic care in Hot Springs might be a good treatment option. Almost everyone will experience some form of back pain, ranging from slightly irritating to completely crippling, in their lifetime. Whatever the degree of pain you are experiencing and whether it is acute or has become chronic, at the very least you would probably rather live without it. In the most extreme cases in can be difficult to go on living with it.
The chiropractic treatment can help you achieve lasting back health so that you can go on enjoying those walks in the park, or any of the things you love todo. Sometimes neuropathy can be to blame. Neuropathy is often from pressure is put on a nerve somewhere along the track causing irritation or decrease nerve flow resulting in the neuropathy.

At Lake Hamilton Family and Sports Chiropractic we have has great results with neck, back and, neuropathy in Hot Springs, AR.

Our Hot Springs, Arkansas office sees many of these types of conditions along with general neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee, arm, ankle, and foot pain.

The key with neuropathy is to remove or release whatever is causing the pressure on the nerve.

The process is often painless, fairly quick, and minimal soreness if any.

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The causes of back pain are seemingly endless, but let’s go over some of the more common causes for pain in back pain may be the result of conditions, such as:

Upper / lower back tightness and restrictions

Spinal, hip, knee, and ankle misalignment


Abnormal patterns of movement

Athletic injuries and automobile accidents

While a few of the items on this list may indicate localized swelling in the joints associated with the low back, more of them point to the spine as the probable source of pain. Often in conjunction with distal joints in the associated area. The nerves that control the shoulder originate in the spine. If the vertebrae around the upper or lower back are compressed or injured, the nerves that go to the hips, knee, and legs will be irritated and cause pain. Even a minor spinal misalignment can interrupt communication between the nerves and the low back and a cascade of problems can begin. So, what appears as shoulder pain may actually be referred pain from the spinal column.

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