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Can I get adjusted when I’m not in pain ? (Answered)

Can I get adjusted when I’m not in pain ? If you’re not having pain should you still be adjusted? Are questions we hear from time to time. While it may seem counterintuitive, but often advise getting chiropractic care even if you aren’t in pain. Why? Because it’s also a highly effective preventive modality, and if you can nip a problem in the bud and avoid it entirely, you save yourself significant pain and suffering down the road and often decrease the duration of any future injuries. This is often considered maintenance care a is usually once every one or two months in frequency. Many see it as a way to mitigate stress of daily life and help ease tension, future headaches, as well as sleeping better overall. Chiropractors help with more than just pain. Treatment can actually work to decrease the risk of pain in the future. By having regular treatment (maintenance adjustments), you’re reducing the risk of problems occurring or pain building up and emerging, by keeping your joints and body balanced. Many very active people such as athletes see this as a regular regimen for their overall health and success in various sports. Your Hot Springs chiropractor is well versed and often can have you in and out in no time for maintenance appointments.

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